Mouse Ornament Bundle

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This is a digital machine embroidery design file! You MUST have an embroidery machine in order to use this file. Nothing will be mailed to you and no refunds will be
given if you purchase expecting a finshed item. THIS IS A MACHINE EMBROIDERY DIGITAL PATTERN ONLY.

You will need to download the files immediately after purchase OR you will also recieve and email with the link to download and you can download from there at any
time, as long as the website is active. I highly recommend creating a folder within your email and moving all emails there so they are easily accessible.

Design Details:
Boy & Girl Mouse Lights 5x7 grouped - 5.02x6.92 8217 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Gingerbread 5x7 grouped - 6.94x4.97 9151 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Palace 5x7 grouped - 5.00x6.91 11870 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Peppermint 5x7 grouped - 4.98x6.95 14913 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Reindeer 5x7 grouped - 6.97x5.04 13919 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Santa 5x7 grouped - 4.98x7.00 10740 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Snowman 5x7 grouped - 5.01x6.99 7989 stitches
Boy & Girl Mouse Swirl 5x7 grouped - 4.93x6.93 12131 stitches

Boy Mouse Lights 4x4 - 3.84x3.29 3991 stitches
Boy Mouse Lights 5x7 grouped - 5.00x6.92 7999 stitches
Boy Mouse Gingerbread 4x4 - 3.87x3.31 4436 stitches
Boy Mouse Gingerbread 5x7 grouped - 4.96x6.98 8865 stitches
Boy Mouse Palace 4x4 - 3.88x3.23 5621 stitches
Boy Mouse Palace 5x7 grouped - 5.00x6.93 11329 stitches
Boy Mouse Peppermint 4x4 - 3.82x3.28 7568 stitches
Boy Mouse Peppermint 5x7 grouped - 4.93x6.97 14989 stitches
Boy Mouse Reindeer 4x4 - 3.36x3.79 6726 stitches
Boy Mouse Reindeer 5x7 grouped - 6.94x4.97 13311 stitches
Boy Mouse Santa 4x4 - 3.88x3.30 5393 stitches
Boy Mouse Santa 5x7 grouped - 5.02x6.97 10581 stitches
Boy Mouse Snowman 4x4 - 3.73x3.83 3979 stitches
Boy Mouse Snowman 5x7 grouped - 5.02x6.94 7968 stitches
Boy Mouse Swirl 4x4 - 3.78x3.24 6175 stitches
Boy Mouse Swirl 5x7 grouped - 4.97x6.94 12303 stitches

Girl Mouse Lights 4x4 - 3.84x3,48 4273 stitches
Girl Mouse Lights 5x7 grouped - 5.02x6.96 8505 stitches
Girl Mouse Gingerbread 4x4 - 3.87x3.55 4708 stitches
Girl Mouse Gingerbread 5x7 grouped - 6.92x4.98 9424 stitches
Girl Mouse Palace 4x4 - 3.87x3.29 66294 stitches
Girl Mouse Palace 5x7 grouped - 4.99x6.97 12534 stitches
Girl Mouse Peppermint 4x4 - 3.82x3.31 7462 stitches
Girl Mouse Peppermint 5x7 grouped - 5.03x6.95 14824 stitches
Girl Mouse Reindeer 4x4 - 3.36x3.79 7295 stitches
Girl Mouse Reindeer 5x7 grouped - 6.98x4.99 14516 stitches
Girl Mouse Santa 4x4 - 3.83x3.26 5524 stitches
Girl Mouse Santa 5x7 grouped - 4.95x7.01 10852 stitches
Girl Mouse Snowman 4x4 - 3.86x3.41 4007 stitches
Girl Mouse Snowman 5x7 grouped - 5.04x6.96 7944 stitches
Girl Mouse Swirl 4x4 - 3.77x3.33 5993 stitches
Girl Mouse Swirl 5x7 grouped - 4.93x5.91 11982 stitches

Stitch Map Included in the zip file along with a pdf step by step tutorial with photos

Formats Included in the Zip file: DST, HUS, JEF, XXX, VIP, VP3, EXP and PES
If you need another format, please let us know….

If there is any problems with your download please let us know by emailing

This is an embroidery design not a patch. You will need an embroidery machine to stitch out the file. If you have a program you can also change the format if needed.

As with any digital media, there are no refunds! This design may not be shared, sold or redistributed in any format. A-Z Embroidery Designs is the sole owner of this digital file.